Weird Thing About Chandler Bing In The Show “Friends” You Would Noticed

Are you a big fan of Friends? Nothing is strange… We are also a big fan of Friends.

So, you might think that you know everything about the TV show Friends. What they are telecasting on the show, is seen by us. And you think that you have noticed everything that is to notice on the show…Right? Then you might also have noticed that their birthdays are more usual than the wi-fi connection.

Friends is an American TV comedy show that is created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. The revolves around six 20-30  friends who are living in Manhattan. Each episode is about 20-25 minutes. Kauffman and Crane presented the idea to Bright, and also together they addressed a seven-page treatment of the show to NBC. Many scripts were rewritten and first the title of the show was kept ‘Friends Like Us,’ but then it was also changed, and the name of the show kept was ‘Friends.’ Then filming of the show was done at Warner Bros. That studio is in Burbank, California. It has ten seasons. And all the ten seasons are ranked in the top ratings.

Friends have become a reputed show being a favorite one of many ones all the time. And it also has won many awards. The show has the characters- Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, Mathew Perry as Chandler BIing, and many other aspects also. The cast members always tried to maintain the show equally. And no one is seen dominating the show. All characters are given equal opportunity to the show. Anyway, I am not here to discuss such things, in fact, I am going to tell you about some weird stuff about Chandler, one of the characters of the show Friends, that you probably have not noticed yet.

Have you ever noticed that Chandler had does not wear glasses in the show until the seventh series? Yes… you have heard the right. Chandler Bing, the famous character of the show has not wear glasses, and he never needs that for reading, driving or watching the seventh series of the show. But now he started wearing the glasses since the seventh series. What is the explanation of these? Wondering to get the answer. Well- I guess the answer is too simple. Might be his eyesight got weak and to improve the seeing skill he has to put spectacles.

But that sounds so boring. Yes… that is the spiritless answer. And I think that you also want to get something interesting that will look like the correct reason. We all want to get into the details of the answer. As everyone is fond of getting the complete detail about everything, you too want to know about the valid reason that why Chandler started wearing spectacles in the show from the seventh season of Friends.

In all this, Hardeep Khachar had put a good point for us. He said that might be he is suffering from the problem of the nearsightedness due to his job. He said that it is his assumption. Also, he told that he has to do a lot of paperwork, has to do sometimes more work on the computers. And due to more hectic schedule and a lot of work on computers, it might result in the problem of nearsightedness. And to avoid this problem, he has to wear glasses. But he said that it is his assumption.

And that is not only one explanation. I also like the statement of Amelia Gross.

She said that mainly in the seventh season Chandler started wearing glasses for the episode. As in that episode, his glasses became milky; accidentally he gives his father-in-law a lap dance. And without him, it does not works, having glasses. She also added in her statement that Mattew Perry (Chandler Bing) also started wearing glasses in his daily life at the same time. So, the directors thought of using his spectacles in the seventh series. It would make his character funnier, and more funny situations would be seen in the show. And ultimately it would create more opportunities for the show. Like when his glasses get fogged up in the seventh series was so funny that it got hit. Like that also many scenes in the show get caught due to Chandler Bing wearing the spectacles.

And it was also only due to his long habit of spectacles that he sat on Jack Geller’s lap. It is possible due to his glasses that got fogged up in the show. Due to which he got the chance to sit on his lap. Without spectacles, we would never imagine of that scene. So, we can say that wearing glasses by Chandler helps in making the show to create more funnier situations and making the show more popular.

It is seen much time that Friends always tried to use the real-life situations and let down them in the series. For example, Lisa Kudrow as Pheobe got pregnant in real life and they used it as to build up their story that she got pregnant and had the triplets. As there was no such romantic angle ongoing, they choose this to make more opportunities for their show.

But who take cares of all such disgusting things. What matters is the story of the show that makes us entertained. And Friends, of course, is one of the favorite show loved by all of us. And what makes the show more impressive, is the story of the show. The spectacles worn by Chandler, used in the story, had made it more entertaining. And the show has got more opportunities after that. That is the interesting thing to notice about the show is that show is still bouncy. With so many repeats, so much fun it has exposed in an entirely good way. All the seasons are loved by the people and make the directors, co-stars, and its characters to be more confident. And they started using real-life situations in the show which is creating more opportunities for the show. And surely, we all want a great entertainment for us, and the show Friends tries to make us entertained by using such funnier things in the show.



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