Travis Scott Feels Blessed Seeing His Mom Holding Stormi

This post is related to Travis Scott taking his daughter in Texas so that they can meet his family. So, all the exclusive details are given.

Travis has not announced about the pregnancy of Kylie for Stormi because Kylie wanted her this pregnancy to most positive one s stress-free, and healthier one. She knew that her baby would feel a lot of stress and emotion. So, she wanted her baby to be perfectly fine. Even she include that the pregnancy is such a beautiful moment that cannot be experienced with any other thing. She also thanks her family for keeping her pregnancy to be as private as possible.Even she adds her love towards people and say that her baby should always get all her happiness and Should still stay strong.

Famous Travis Scott has opened up his relationship with the girlfriend having a baby named Stormi. So, that was big news as he was releasing his personal life and it was the big household thing to be done in music life. As we know if someone is dating Jenner than they should have a healthy heart and should handle all the positive and negative issues that occur.  So, it was a big moment for Travis Scott of taking his daughter to his family, but instead, it was the spectacular moment for him. Travis mom was excited to meet, and after meeting Stormi, Travis mom was so much happy and lived that moment the way she wants. All were so much happy.

Even Travis and Kylie are not living together as they have there owned the place, but still, they both are happy with each other and are going great along.

So, we have listened that 25-years old Travis Scott was seen with his mother holding daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. So, It’s big news for Travis Scott that he is going to face life now. Even he had entered into his household life from his music world. So, it’s a significant change. Travis Scott reaction on the story proved to be the made-up story in his life. It was a massive moment for Travis Scott. As Kylie Jenner has taken her daughter Stormi for the very first time to meet Travis Scott. So, It is an entirely defined that it was social media capturing time. Even it was a beautiful moment and even after seeing that Travis mom is holding the baby of Kylie Jenner, it made-up that moment in a very exclusive way.  All the nearest and dearest were gathered there. Even brother Joshua has posted on snapchat holding two months old Stormi is his hand and captioned that Finally happy holding beautiful Stormi.

We can think how right the moment would be for Travis Scott as taking his beautiful girlfriend as well adorable daughter Stormi on April,7. Even he realized that how big moment is for Travis seeing his daughter with family, and most importantly his mother holding Stormi for the very first time.  Even after having his daughter, they both become very close to each other. Even now Travis is appreciated for being an excellent father as well family man. Also, you can see fantastic glimpse given by baby Stormi with her grandmother.

Travis becomes emotional after seeing his mother holding his baby Stormi in her hands. As he would have thought of the family has been completed in Missouri. Seeing Stormi with family was the incredible moment. This moment made realize that Travis Scott had a perfect life in which he was living. Capturing moments also explains that Travis Scott wants all real issues to be shared with Kylie Jenner and would never take his life relationship to negative aspects.

Travis feels blessed to have such a good family, beautiful daughter, gorgeous girlfriend and impressive career. So, he feels himself to be uncharacteristically humbled by all these things he had. Even he came to know that what matters in his life and really would matter in future. He realized his family is such a good family and he is blessed with them. The whole of the experience exclaimed Travis a perspective that what important is in our life.

As Travis family was very excited that they organize a party for loving daughter Stormi. Even we came to know that Arrival of Stormi for the first time was celebrated with a big party and it was such a huge party with lots of happiness of Kylie daughter to be with them. So, that was also an incredible moment for Stormi. Party was done on an enormous scale that includes $7000 worth flowers. So it was the grand party which made Travis Scott happy. Even during the gathering, he introduced his daughter to his brother Joshua. He was also delighted after seeing his new niece Stormi. He was also excited too. Party was then filled with lots of people and waffles, fried chicken, cornbread were served. So he even got lots of appreciation for his new family lifestyle. All enjoyed delicious feast given incredibly.

When Kylie was pregnant for Stormi, she was rumored of having the baby of his ex Tyga not of Travis.  This issue was spread like hell, but then Tyga slammed all these rumors and even said to everyone stop spreading all these lies. But even now also many of you think that Tyga is the real dad of Stormi. But that was wrong, Travis is the only ideal dad of Stormi. Even day by day rapper Travis appreciates his family a lot and also feels lucky to have a Kylie and Stormi to have in his incredible life.


So, all the very best to this loving couple and beautiful daughter Stormi. They would have beautiful years and should always remain happy together. Even we came to know that they are planning of new baby in future. So, even all the best for there future baby also and they should live a happy life as they want. Household man Travis would always remain blessed so that he can start a change in music world even.

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