Check Out Top Nine Movies Of Jennifer Aniston You Will Love Them

After portraying the role of Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston got good recognition for playing in many films. Here we have gathered the list of her roles after Friends.

1. ‘The Good Girl’ (2002)

Jennifer Aniston played the role of Justine in the movie The Good Girl. She is a housewife who wants to live a happy and a peaceful life with her husband, but her husband spends his most of the time outside the house with smoking. Justine was not at all happy to live a life like this, and later she falls in love with a young man Holden. Justine escapes with him, but when she realized that it is a big mistake done by her, then she thought of returning home.

The role was proper, and Aniston tried to pull it how much she can but didn’t get much recognition for it.

2. ‘Derailed’ (2005)

In this film, Aniston portrayed the role of a mystery woman, Lucinda Harris who gets raped by a man Charles in the hotel room. Lucinda tries to hide the truth from the world and thief blackmails her for this. He protects the fact after he gets fulfilled with the demands.

In this Jennifer acted as a mystery woman and her role is entirely different from that of Rachel from the series, Friends.

3. ‘Horrible Bosses’ (2011)

It is the most outrageous comedic role of Aniston as a sex-crazed dentist. She played the character of Dr. Julia Harris who blackmails her assistant for having sex with her. Jennifer is wearing a brown wig in the film which characterizes her with a different role.

Aniston got proper recognition for this role, and she also got a second chance in 2014 for the same purpose in the sequel, Horrible Bosses 2.

4. ‘Rock Star’ (2001)

In this film, Aniston portrayed the role of Emily Poule as a girlfriend of Chris Cole in the inside look at rockers and tribute bands. Both of them go out for their career. But as we know if we have to gain something then something is always lost. So the relationship of the two suffers a lot.

The role was short for Aniston, but it gained a lot of recognition and popularity.

5. Along Came Polly’ (2004)

Ruben finds that his new wife is cheating him with Cuba instructor. For the sake of taking revenge, he also falls for his old classmate, Polly and starts a relationship with her. But it was again a problem for Ruben.

Aniston played the character exceptionally well.

6. ‘Cake’ (2014)

Cake made Aniston for getting nominated for the Golden Globe Awards. In the film, Aniston played the role of a woman suffering from chronic pain and personal turmoil.

Aniston got recognition for the movie because she portrayed the role makeup-less. It was one of Aniston’s unique and bravest role.

7. ‘Marley and Me’ (2008)

In the film, Aniston portrayed the character fo a housewife Jennifer Grogan to whom her husband gifts a puppy named Marley as a means of her biological clock. But to her destiny, the puppy never grows up into dog behavior.

The character was emotional and humorous. And finally, in the end, Aniston raise up by giving birth to her future family. The story looked real enough.

8. ‘Bruce Almighty’ (2003)

In the movie, Aniston portrays the role of Grace Connelly who does not like her husband, Bruce as Jim Carrey for being a comedian. Bruce has given the power of God, but he miss uses it. And thus there was a misfortunate int he relationship of husband and wife.

The film was the most challenging one for Aniston.

9. ‘Love Happens’ (2009)

Aniston portrayed the part of Eloise Chandler who had a recent break up from her husband and works at a florist shop until she meets a handsome man, Burke.

In the film, Aniston has given a smooth performance to the romantic comedy filled with emotions.



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