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The Top 12 Movies Of Matthew Perry You Will Love it Like FRIENDS

1.  The Whole Nine Yards

“The Whole Nine Yards” is 2000 American Canadian crime comedy film directed by Jonathan Lynn. The cast members of the movie are Bruce Willis, Matthew Perry, Rosanna Arquette, Michael Clarke Duncan and Natasha Henstridge. Its title derives from a popular expression of uncertain origin. Its sequel, The Whole Ten Yards, was released in 2004.

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2. 17 Again

It’s an American comedy movie directed by Burr Steers. In this movie, Matthew Perry played the role of the 17-year-old boy, Zac Efron. Leslie Mann, Thomas Lennon, and Michelle Trachtenberg played the supporting roles in the movie. The film was released on April 17, 2009, in the United States.


3. Fools Rush In

This is 1997 American romantic comedy film. this film was directed by the Andy Tennant. Matthew Perry, Salma Hayek, Jon Tenney and Jill Clayburgh were starring in the film. The film was released on February 14, 1997.

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4. Three To Tango

It is 1999 American romantic comedy film directed by Damon Santostefano. The film was released on October 22, 1999. Its cast members are Matthew Perry, Neve Campbell, Dylan McDermott, Oliver Platt. The film’s running time is 98 minutes.


5. Almost Heroes

It’s the American adventure comedy film. It was directed by Christopher Guest. This film was Farley’s last leading film role. This film was released in 1997. Turner Pictures is the production company of this film. Chris Farley, Matthew Perry, Eugene Levy and Kevin Dunn were starring in this film.

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