The Detailed Life Of The True Hollywood Star- Elizabeth The Great

Achieving an Oscar award is the dream for every person but getting it twice is just in the destiny of the individual personalities. Elizabeth Taylor is an excellent example of such particular persons. Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was a British-American actress. Humanitarian, and a businesswoman. She is one of those to collect such unique gems of an Oscar-winning award.

Today Rita Braver has shown us the best memories of this great personality. Have a look at them.

Elizabeth Taylor has won Oscar Award twice in her lifetime. The first one in the year 1961 for playing the role of a loose woman in the movie, “Butterfield 8.” And the next one in 1967 for the movie, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and in the second one, she was portraying her character on the screen with her real-life husband, Richard Burton.

Elizabeth Taylor had done excellent work in her full lifespan. Along with the awards she had also achieved much respect from the people as well. She has earned the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her best work to fight against the severe problem in today’s world, AIDS. In her speech, while receiving an award, she said, “I accept this award in the honor for all the men, women, and the children with AIDS who are waging incredibly valiant battles for their lives.”

The work of Taylor of fighting against AIDS was one of the best action done by her at that time because that was the time when Hollywood barely whispered about it.

Braver asked her, “Were you surprised? Or did it just seem something that seemed natural to you?”

Naomi De Luce Wilding (Taylor’s granddaughter from her second marriage to British actor Michael Wilding) said that “She loved a crisis, she did.”

Taylor’s granddaughter volunteers for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and the Taylor estate still funds for it.

Naomi added on saying, “It was imperative for her to speak up for people who weren’t being heard.” Noami rose to the national prominence as a child at the age of 11, and at that time Taylor was already a star. Taylor was one of the most glamorous and colorful lives of any woman in the American history.

Here are some the films of Elizabeth Taylor.

Taylor died in 2011, and Tim Mendelson was the one who worked for Taylor for around 20 years in his lifespan.

Tim added, “She was wonderful. I mean, she was big. Elizabeth was a dramatic woman. She was tough! The thing that I always like to say is that I had a front-row seat to the best reality show that no one will ever see!”

So we can say that Tim was Taylor’s loyal top assistant. Tim loved working with her till her death. Today, Mendelson has become the trustee member of the AIDS Foundation, headquarters in Beverly Hills which was before running by Elizabeth. He also helped Taylor to house here as well.

Many things of Taylor are not yet public. One of them is Taylor’s childhood essays which she wrote, and her mother kept them. She has a box of her photographs with Spencer Tracy on the set of “Father of the Bride.” Mendelson added on saying that “They were very close. She called his character “Pops” in the film, and she called him “Pops” in real life, too.”

There were many letters which Elizabeth wrote to her parents when she visited the honeymoon in 1950 with her first husband, and there were many love letters from Richard Burton who was her second husband after even divorcing him. One of the messages reads, “You make a riot in the imagination. There’s nothing like you.”

Also, there is a memory of her wedding dresses from her first marriage to Burton to her eight marriage to Larty Fortensky. In one of her weddings, Noami served as one of the bridesmaids to her grandmother. It shows Elizabeth was entirely devoted to her family.

Wilding said, “She was an average grandmother in that she was unconditionally loving and supportive. She offered us the home where we knew we were always welcome. She was very tactile and very cuddly. So in some ways, especially for me as a kid, I didn’t know the difference between her and any other grandmother.”

She was the lady who helped many people and took a step to change the world. While accepting her Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, Elizabeth said, “I will remain here as rowdy an activist as I have to be and, God willing, for as long as I have to be.”

Wilding also added, “She was timeless. And I think that it’s important to keep that memory alive, [to] remember what she said.”


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