Unknown Facts about Phoebe from the Popular Sitcom “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.”

“Friends” is an American sitcom which ran over ten years has made its most prominent place in all the shows of the Hollywood. Everyone would have watched this show. The people those have seen the show, know the funny character of Phoebe which was played by Lisa Kudrow. She was so caring and lovable towards everything which has made her character Phoebe unforgettable and admirable.

Phoebe is the only woman actor of the popular Sitcom “Friends” who has dated 16 men in the entire seasons of the show.

There is the list of many facts about Phoebe from the entire show, which would not be known to us.

1. “Her Occupations”

Phoebe in the entire show has indulged in many occupations. It would be surprised to know that she acted as a caterer, a sombrero- maker, a phone  operator, a masseuse, at a Dairy Queen, and a TV extra.


2. “Her Friends”

Phoebe is the only one actor on the show who has many friends other than their group of six friends, whom she has introduced in the many episodes of the show. The homeless lady, Lizzy with the tin foil hat is her friend other than her group of six.


3. “Gift”

Phoebe thought that she has the power of breaking up with others without hurting them. She claimed this as her gift. But she is not true from part of others because she hurt David, Jason, Vince, and Mike when she ended up with them.


4. “Doesn’t Eat Food With A Face”

Phoebe has claimed that she ‘doesn’t eat food with a face.’ But many a time she has seen eating like this. As in the episode “The One With The Dozen Lasagnas” she was spotted with Monica and both were just finished off the lasagnas. And one more time Phoebe was spotted eating a cheeseburger when she was upset because his first husband left her.


5. “Regina Phalange”


Phoebe gave his first preference to Regina Phalange when she was trying to contact with Ross in England. There, she pretends to be Dr. Regina Phalange, who diagnose diseases. And the last time when she gave her preference to this was she stalls Rachel’s plane to Paris.


6. “Homes.”

In the entire show, she had made various homes for herself. She has lived in many places like in the apartments of Monica and Rachel, in boxes, in Prague, and in a Buick LeSabre, etc.


7. “The Role Of Phoebe”

There were two more actresses selected for the role Phoebe. But Lisa Kudrow defeated them by her acting. The other two were Kathy Griffin and Jane Lynch.


8. “Ellen DeGeneres”

Ellen DeGeneres was also offered for the role of Phoebe initially. But she refused for it and turned it down.


9. “Goth Girl”

In the show, Phoebe was initially visualized as a Goth Girl. And the version of Phoebe’s role was offered to Janeane Garofalo, which Lisa Kudrow has passed.


10. “The Unborn”

She was firstly starred in the movie “The Unborn” in 1991 when she started her career. There she played the very strange role. The movie was about the fertilization process which had gone horribly. She left the movie and came to act for the role of Phoebe in the show.


11. “The Dating Game”

Phoebe was the only woman actor of the popular sitcom Friends which has dated 16 men in all in the entire ten series of the show. And Joey was the man who dated 17.


12. “Real Life Pregnancy”

Phoebe’s pregnancy is shown in the show “Friends.” Lisa Kudrow was pregnant, so the director and the co-creator of the show have written her pregnancy in the show.


13. “Ironic, Eh!”

Phoebe though believed in psychic powers and reincarnation, but she didn’t accept the concepts of gravity and evolution in the show. Isn’t it amazing!?


14. “Heavily Pregnant”

Lisa Kudrow was heavily pregnant during the episode “The One With Ross Wedding.” So the doctors have advised her not to fly, and she was on the rest.


15. “I Would’ve Love To See This, Though”

At the end of the show, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc realized that Joey and Phoebe were hooking up together in the entire series.


16. “Award Winner”

For the great role of Phoebe, she was nominated for Golden Globe Award and has also won the Primetime Emmy Award.


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