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Some Facts Which Gives You Signs Of Being Close To Each Other

How do you feel when you had gone for a date for the first time with any guy? And what kind of chemistry do you feel after spending some time with him/her?What is the actual meaning of chemistry in this case?

Well, an answer to these questions is a certain type of attraction you feel when you meet someone to whom you really started liking. There might a thought which may arise in your mind when you feel of meeting alone and spending time together. You might get crazy at some time after having such thoughts.

  1. How do you feel if the situation of some serious feelings arises at the time of bantering?

What is that emotion that makes you feel something getting close you to that guy? The situation is really weird in that case. Something attracts you towards him. Your eyes start sparkling when you see him/her close to you.

2. At the time of hugging.

When you hug each other you will forget rest of the world. Something brings you close to each other.

3. When you are just topic on a topic.

When during a simple talk you both just hug each other you feel magnetized to each other. You feel attracted towards each other.

4. When there is a change in your voice.

When you get sexually attracted towards each other then there is a change in your voice. Your voice becomes lighter, airier and authentic.

5. When you make excuses to stay with him/her light more at the party.

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