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Some Bollywood Stars On the List Of The Victims of Casting Couch

Everyone thinks Indian Bollywood is like gold which is beautifully run by its stars. Bollywood is the place with all glitz and glamour. But every shiny thing has a black spot on it. Similarly, Bollywood has a bad impact on it of casting couch. It is believed that Bollywood doesn’t have such experiences of casting couch but that’s not true. There are many Bollywood stars who explain their bad experience in the Bollywood.

Let’s read out their stories…

  1. Surveen Chawla.

She is the beautiful actress of the Bollywood industry. She is also on the list of victims of the casting couch. In one of her interviews, she said, “I feel very great that I have not encountered this (casting couch) here (Bollywood). I have faced this (casting couch) down south and of course, I refused to give into that… Honestly, I can only comment on it If I had encountered it in Bollywood. I don’t know if I should call it sheer luck.” 

2. Preeti Jain.

She is the famous actress, model, and an assistant director. She filed a rape case against Madhur Bhandarkar in the year 2004. According to the reports, she said, “She had alleged that the filmmaker asked her for sexual favors in lieu of casting her in a film but failed to live up to his promise. Jain had even produced SMS texts from Bhandarkar, asking for sexual favors, before the police as an evidence in the favor of her claim.”

3. Sunny Leone.

She is a successful adult actress. In one of her interviews, she said, “I haven’t experienced the casting couch. I was sheltered by Daniel [Weber, husband] and my team. But does it exist in the industry? Absolutely! It’s not just the women, men too face similar issues.”

4. Shakti Kapoor.

Once Shakti Kapoor was found guilty during string operation and the incident was the most controversial one. “In 2005, India TV did a sting operation involving Shakti Kapoor, where female journalist posed as an upcoming Bollywood starlet and ‘trapped’ Shakti into propositioning the correspondent and asking her for sexual favors.”

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