See The Transformation In The Looks Of The Casting Members Of The Show “Remember The Titans”

It is true that a star once in a while get a movie which takes him to the stardom. It is a foundation that helps to build the successful career in the industry. Once a person receives recognition for performing a particular job, he will fall into the category of the loved ones. Let us take the best example of the film, Remember the Titans to state my point. The movie released in 2000 that means it is 18 years old film that we are talking about. But the movie had left an enormous impact on us. The film seems very fresh.

The artist of this film had turned the movie into the milestone. But after getting featured in the movie, some of the artists have changed their acting careers entirely. The stars have transformed themselves a lot in these 18 years. Here is the list of the stars of the movie.

Denzel Washington as Coach Herman Boone

Denzel Washington is an American actor, producer, and a director who have won two Oscars, one Tony, and three Golden Globe awards in his lifetime. Remember The Titan is one of the best films in which he had acted.

Hayden Panettiere as Sheryl Yoast

Hayden Panettiere was ten years old when she worked in the movie, Remember The Titans. She portrayed the character of Sheryl, Coach Yoast’s Spitfire, a football-loving daughter.

Kate Bosworth as Emma Hoyt

Kate worked in the movie, Remember the Titan when was not sitting in the front seat of the rows of the fashion shows. At that time she was busy in acting.

Ryan Gosling as Alan Bosley

Ryan Gosling had never looked back into his life after he acted in the movie, Remember The Titan. Ryan got recognition for the movie, The Notebook. The film is best of him till date. The recent movie in which Ryan acted was La La Land.

Ryan Hurst as Gerry Bertier

Ryan Hurst is also currently starring in the television show, Outsiders. He is working and enjoying his life with the long beard ones.

Wood Harris as Julius Campbell

Wood Harris also continued his acting career after he got recognition in the film, Remember The Titans. After featuring in the movie, Wood has worked on several television shows.

Will Patton as Coach Bill Yoast

After featuring in the movie, Remember The Titans, Will Patton moved on with his acting career in the several television shows including Numb3rs, 24, and et al. Will also participate in Stage Plays.

Craig Kirkwood as Jerry ‘Rev’ Harris

Craig started working as an actor in 1999 through his shows like Running The Halls, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and others. But today the actor has turned himself an Attorney at the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office.

Kip Pardue as Ronnie ‘Sunshine’ Bass

Kip had started his career in the cult movies like But I’m A Cheerleader and Rules of Attraction before he acted in the film, Remember The Titans.

Earl Poitier as Blue Stanton

Earl featured in the movies for the first time through the film, Remember The Titans. After this, he had also starred in many other shows.

Ethan Suplee as Louie Lastik

Ethan Suplee continued his acting career after portraying a part in the movie, Remember The Titans. He is best known for the films like Remember the Titans, and My Name is Earl.

Donald Faison as Petey Jones

Donald also continued with his acting career and got married to Katie Cobb and even have children.

Burgess Jenkins as Ray Budds

Burgess has now moved to the big screen. The actor has recently starred in Nashville with his co-star, Hayden Panettiere.

Nicole Ari Parker as Carol Boone

Nicole Ari is also best known for portraying the part of Becky Barnett in Boogie Nights.


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