See Men Views About Girls Sufferings From Periods

Girls have a lot of sufferings in their life and the major one is sufferings from periods. When they suffer from periods then their health condition is generally low. They had to suffer from stomach ache, cramps, legs pain, mood swinging, and much more.

And those 4-5 days are full of blood and this causes in the swinging of our mood. But our sufferings are asked by someone then we might say those guys that you can’t understand. But the thing is they actually understand and they have many things to say in this context. Girls daily express their feelings of periods but this time men are expressing their feelings. Let’s see what they think about girls sufferings.

1.When men ask girls about their experience of periods.

But the answer was given by men rather than the girls and see what they said. Girls say usually one thing about periods and that is “trouble”.

Here are men opinions about periods…

“My heartful salute to all girls who act normal even on their periods day. All girls and women are really great. Hats off to you girls.” – Bnvvr Hruthik

“I think each and every girl is brave because you all are facing periods every month. We boys can’t even think of that pain and how much you all suffer. We all need to support and help you all when it requires since we don’t know that because “PERIODS ARE A TABOO.” – Aditya Ranjan

“I think Periods is not a sign of weakness or anything, it’s a sign of power! It shows that you are able to bring a new life. I know the first time could be very horrible or annoying but salute to all of you. You are the real pain bearers with a smile.” – Saurabh AS

“I simply don’t understand why all these people get angry and why all this even matters. Why do guys comment such a mess about the admin? #Periods I think it isn’t something to be ashamed of or something like that. Come on, you speak now because even your mom #Bleed” – Abhiram Murali

“Salute to all women who suffer every single month but still they have a smile on their face always. #Respect” – Sourav Gupta

“Salute to all girls who play the role of #mom #sister #girlfriend #goodfriend #advisor #wife #friend, walk with us when we are alone, support us when we need motivation, give us the reason to be alive and yet take so much trouble silently. You people are the best.” – Anwar Masiha Quereshi

“Periods aren’t the sign of weakness or a taboo. It is a natural stage for the girls transforming into womanhood. I’m sorry but it’s painful.” – Sankalp Chakravorty

“Brave girls who are sharing their stories. Else Pata Nahi Kuch Ladkiya agar period pe ho Aur Humne Puch Liye ki Kya Hua, Itni down kyu lag Rahi Ho? Answer Aata hai ki Bimaar hoon Yaar… Boys kya Itne Pagal Lagte hai, Humein Pata Hota hai and why do they consider periods as Bimari? Why they are ashamed of telling that they are in Periods.” – Ritesh Bhanushali

“As a guy, I can only imagine what you people go through. When we have a mere headache or sorts, Hmari Haalat Vhi kharab ho Jaati h… To have ever so frequently… Reading all these experiences, I feel like you guys should get a leave during your cycles.” – Harsh Sharma

“After completing MHM session in the hospital, a 40-year-old woman came to me and told that after my session only she came to know that why it’s happening to her. Many women don’t have any idea about the menstrual cycle.” – Sundar Vinodhan

“It’s good to see that the mentality of people has been changed. Respect women because they are very precious.” – Yogender Pratap

“Take a bow to all known and unknown girls out there and probably anywhere and everywhere where human race exists.” – Subhajeet Sarkar

“It is the gift of God and girls all of you deserve so much respect for it. Grand salute.” – Mokarram Shakil

“It’s good to see women opening up in a social domain about the things which was seen so ugly by others in the before generations. The painful moments should be understood by men. They go through that trauma every month and still they wish to show a smiling face to the people around them.” – Sudharsan Ravichandran

“It’s nice that we are breaking the taboo. And salute to those who commented openly. I think the young India is on the right path. The mentality should be changed. Nice try admin, you deserve respect.” – Sayan Modak

Salute for those who appreciate girls sufferings…

And here are some views which a woman generally gives about their periods…

“I was in my tuition and I just felt something getting wet. But I didn’t react much and went home with those legs as close as I could keep. I told my mom that I’m having periods she was very shocked at me being so brave and not freaking. That’s the brave me, the level of boldness I had at that age when I was just in 4th or 5th class maybe.” – Vishakha Nikam

“I had my final semester exam that day. And when I was on my way to school my classmate walked to me and asked ‘what happen to your legs, why are you walking so weirdly?’ All I could do was just smile and sigh!” – Khushi Ansari

“I knew that something like that happens. but it was really bad. I was in a camp, didn’t have any napkins or money, it was the real mess… it is always a mess.” – Haritika Pandit

“I freaked out. And I even kept it secret from my mom for two days until she found out. I was frustrated. I felt like someone just stole my freedom. Like I was about to be caught up in a lifelong prison.” – Akshita Chaudhary

“I was about to have a head bath and I discovered that I attained my puberty. Since I know, I wept my eyes outta. My mom consoled me and made me sat on a chair. That’s an experience which makes me laugh still. And yeah cramps sucks always. But I’m proud of my reproductive system.” – Vasuki Sparle

“I think it was the best day of my life when my periods started. It’s the day when I was totally a woman. At first, it was painful but after a few days, I got a habit of it. I think it is the greatest gift from God to girls.” – Dechen Bhutia

“Thankfully, I was at my home, bathing when I saw fluid on my towel which was a bit darker and thicker than it is now. My mother had already told me all about periods so I didn’t freak out much. I dressed up and called my mom, showing her the towel and she confirmed. Now, my back and stomach hurt like hell during periods. But it is a part of girls. So not a big issue when tried to be ignored.” – Shree Nayak

“I went to the washroom and realized there was blood. So I ran to my elder sister who was at school with me and started crying even though I knew about it. She got it long before me so I was hoping it to come because she got extra pampering on those days. She then took me home and said ‘I know you are all happy, just simply doing Nakhra.” – Dorothy Rebello

“It was Sunday, I love god for that and I thank them even now. I went to the loo and freaked out. I went and told mom I am to die soon, I have to leave her, I had a bad disease, I was bleeding. I had teary eyes, my mom then told me what the hell that was. Freak! I felt so thankful that day.” – FA Adeeb

“On my first period, my mom had told me about this just before a day of the incident. Still, I felt like to curse myself because of the cramps and wanted to be a boy.” – Rolli Tripathi


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