Real Meaning Behind Showing Respect By Doing Pranama

Indian culture is full of respect for elders. There are many rituals which show high respect for our elders. Pranama is the best way to show your respect for someone. It is a Sanskrit word which means showing a huge respect for our elders by touching their feet. India is a country known best for obeying rituals and gestures.

When we are born from then our parents ask us to show respect to our elders by touching feet and in return, we get blessings from them. But we know touching feet shows respect but we are not familiar with the story behind this. Let’s see what is the real story behind this tradition…

Many believe it’s not only the way to show respect…

Many Indians oppose this tradition of touching. They believe that there are many other ways of showing respect to their elders. They undergo many arguments after this topic.

But they need to know specific reason and story behind this tradition

What is the reason behind making an argument about this topic? The main reason is people argue because they don’t know what is the real meaning of touching feet and how it symbols to show respect.

1. As a building feet are the base of a person.

As the whole building stands on its base human among all mammals are blessed to stand straight and walk and their body load is on their feet. The weight of a person is carried on their feet.

2. Touching and bend are to ask for wisdom and paying respect.

Pranama is driven by two words “Pra” which means forward or prefix and “Anama” means to bend. When we bend in front of someone we lose our ego and pay respect to them. We respect them with their wisdom and their achievements and we get the blessing from them to follow the right path.

3. Meaning of Pranama according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a different meaning of Pranama. According to them, if someone touch feet it tells that they are asking them to gain their knowledge and lessons for their future life.

Know the perfect way to touching feet…

The best way is to bend down and back should be hunched and arms should be stretched in the front direction. And the left hand should touch left feet and right hand should touch right feet. And many have a belief that right hand should touch properly left feet and left hand should touch properly right feet.

4. Pranama builds the positive energy between seeker and blesser.

A positive energy flows when we touch the feet of our elders. We get blessings from them and a mindset of positivity originates.When we stretch our hands to touch feet they give tonnes of blessings to us.

5. Pranama increases blood circulation.

It is a form of yoga. When we bend to touch feet it helps to increase blood circulation in our feet, legs, and our back. We get relieved from back pain.

We do not do Pranama only if they are old.

People with positive attitude genuinely show respect by Pranama. And elders gives blessings from the depth of their heart.

So it’s a ritual and a way to show respect by Pranama. It is the biggest blessing of Indian people.


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