Nick Jonas Is A Good Friend Of Selena Gomez! He Speaks A Sweet Thing About Her

Don’t know it is good or bad to hang out with your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. But it is for sure that we should not forget their friendship until the end of our life. It is essential for us all. We may never know when we need them in future.

We feel so sorry when we didn’t get someone we love so much, and we are desperate to do anything for them. Let us take an example of the real-life love story of the couple, Selena Gomez, and Nick Jonas. Nick Jonas is on the account who cannot forget people who were very special in their life. Either he had broken up with them, but he will not stop talking to them ever in his life. Nick Jonas always keeps in touch with his exes too. He maintains a friendship with them and speaks to them almost at every particular moment in his life.

The famous singer was sharing his views on his past life. He shared that he still shares his life views with his ex-partner Selena Gomez. He still spends some time with his ex and hangouts with her.

In his recent cover story, Jonas added, “Selena has been incredible, incredibly smart. She played me [her 2015 album] Revival maybe six months before it came out and I knew, like, this is excellent. I was such a fan of ‘Good for You’ and ‘Hands to Myself.”

But we don’t know if these listening sessions happen on a regular basis or not. Selena may be there on tour. But is she aware of a new upcoming album of Nick in advance or not?

Nick has answered this question too. He said, “Regardless of some of the history between us in different ways, there’s a general strength and empowerment that we all feel, still being in the mix and being in a good spot. It’s a cool thing.”

For Nick Jonas, love does not mean always being in the relationship whereas for him friendship is the priority than anything else. He will never discourage his association because of the feelings for a girl that does not mean that we will spoil our friendship for a relationship.

Nick did collaborate with his exes including Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Demi at the same time but for by being a good friend with each other. No matter what were they for each other before this time, but he promises them to be in touch with them always. They will all have a musical bond with each other with no conditions of being a couple and will still be happy.

For Nick, real friends are always there for each other in any condition. But love for each other is not there at the same time. Lovers do separate, but friendship will always remain no matter how much we fight with each other. After a fight, we again go to those friends whom will love so much and whose friendship has no end.

Nick has a different definition of friendship. For him, an association does not have any boundary of love and no conditions to become friends, but between two lovers some conditions always exist in this world.

So the only thing that we should keep in our mind is we should know how to face the world only thing is if we meet it beautifully or not. We should always be ready to face the new world and with the new challenges no matter what happens. So you should know what the real meaning of friendship above love is.


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