Check Why Meghan Wearing Three Gold Bands On her Right Hand.

Soon to be the wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle is an American actress and humanitarian. She is soon to be a member of British Royal family in May 2018. Meghan was born and raised in Los Angeles California.

Both the Prince and Meghan are on the top of headlines of the news of limelight because of their marriage preparations. Meghan has a unique jewelry choice for herself, and this decision makes one understand about her personal life. Media captured some pictures of Meghan when she was visiting Brixton. Three gold rings noticed on her right hand. One of the thumb, second of the index finger ad third on the ring finger.

There is a reason for wearing a particular thing on the hand. If one wears a ring on the thumb, it indicates that it is for motivation, control, and aggression. Along with these three circles, one more ring came into notice on the left-hand engagement finger.

The couple was looking gorgeous with each other, and they both visited Reprezentz Radio in Brixton and fans were standing outside to meet them. Meghan is undoubtedly preparing herself to adjust to the royal family as she has started wearing sophisticated Burberry trousers, pointed courts, and sweaters.

The girl who wears these three rings on her hand gives some clues about her. Those are, “the girl who is the leader of her pack of friends and the controlling wife who loves bossing her husband and kids around’, according to spiritualist interpretation.”

And the people who wear rings on their index finger are the appointed kings or queens or a celebrity with millions of fans who is ambitious.

And both the rings were on Markle’s hand which indicates stubbornness or need to be in control of your public life.

Meghan has a different jewelry choice, and last time when she was captured, she was wearing three gold bands on her right hand.

It gave a sign that she is fully ready to marry the prince and to try to adjust herself to him. And more importantly, the Royals also use to wear bands on their hand which gives the sign of being royal. Some examples of those Queens are Queen Anne of Cleves, King Henry VII, and Queen Elizabeth I.

Expertise is right for their foretell to anyone because our hands are the one to decide our future. Our hands reveal the truth about our personality. The couple is gaining a lot of attention from the people as an actress is going to enter the family of royalty and so they will naturally become the topic of discussion.

Meghan is a freshly appointed queen as her palm revealed about her and soon to be the wife of the prince. Reading palm and telling the fortune of a person is a traditional way but if someone gets it correctly, then they can learn their future. Wearing the thumb rings explains a lot about a girl as stated above.

The girl wearing these bands may also have a state of mind to rule their house, and maybe they like to be the boss of the house.

But the ring on the ring hand symbolizes something different. It tells about the strong bond or a relationship or of self-love, self-worth or self-creativity. It also represents a stubborn personality or “a need to be in control of your public life.

Maybe Meghan was just wearing them for her satisfaction or if she loves wearing these. We can’t say anything till she gets married now.

Hope for the best for this lovely couple.



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