Let Us Recall The Best Game Show From The Show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Which You Can Also Play At Your Home

The entertainment industry is the most prominent industry, and people working in the industry are very hard working. We love our celebrities for their work. They are very hard working, and the way in which they entertain is the best. They make us laugh, sing along with them, makes us emotional, and so we act accordingly.

But we must not forget that celebrities are also a human being. They too make so many mistakes. The only difference is that we can see them and us is the difference in our work. We also make a lot of errors in our work, and so does they. Personalities give the number of auditions before they get selected for a specific role. They get failed to satisfy the part, and so they try and work harder.

Today let us take explain our point with an example of the high personality, actor, television host, producer, and a comedian, Matt Leblanc. Matt is famous for portraying the role of Joey Tribbiani in the famous American sitcom, Friends and today he is the host on the television show.

In the show, Joey had some failed attempts for auditions for some roles. Through that, we think that he was not suited to some of the parts in the show. We can also include that he was not able to learn French after making many attempts. Fans also think that Joey was not destined for the particular number of roles. Also, they feel that he is not good as a host for the famous game show, Bamboozled.

Bamboozled was the game show and Joey was the host of the show in the series Friends. Three friends, Joey, Ross, and Chandler, use to play the game together in episode twentieth of season 8, The One With The Baby Shower. Joey was not able to understand the rules of the game show them Ross and Chandler helped him playing by acting like the contestants of the contest. The game had an iconic resemblance to the Irish show, Quizon.

The game is all about simple questions and answers. Usually, Joey hosted the game show but later he was unsuccessful for the audition, and the show was canceled.


Joey speaks that “You spin the Wheel of Mayhem to go up the Ladder of Chance. You go past the Mud Hut, through the Rainbow Ring to get to the Golden Monkey, you yank his tail and boom – you’re in Paradise Pond!” There is a simple interaction between the host and the player with the question regarding their general knowledge, and someone was not able to answer any question then they can google it or pick a Wicked Wango card for help and also they can pass on the problem to the opposing contestant.

The Wicked Wango Card: The Wicked Wango card helps us to tell that if we are going higher or lower. There was no much clearance about the position, but the card is beside the point.

Also, you need to hold your breath for full one round until you are asked next question.

The Angel Pass: The Angle Pass help us to get one free turn.

The Gimme Card: The Gimme Card makes us aware of the opponent’s point of view.

The Possible Backwards Bonus: When you answer a question correctly, and also you repeat the answer in backward then you will get the bonus point.

The Ladder Of Chance To The Golden Mud-Hut: Players can climb the rungs they wish. If they get a Hungry Monkey, they must be attentive towards them as they can pass on to the opposing player.

The Wheel of Fury: The Wheel Of Fury tells that which category of the next round will be.

The Hopping Bonus: You will get the bonus if you can answer teh question but there is one condition in it that is you need to change your legs each item.

Eventually, when you are Bamboozled, you get eliminated from it.

And it is the short game show that you can also enjoy playing at your home.


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