Jelena Rumored About Breaking Up With Each Other. Here Is The Truth

Relationships are the essential part of human life. Today let us take a good example of the on-off lovers, Jelena. United back in October 2017, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, were happy to be back together and promised to never break up with each other. They both were delighted in spending time with each other in Los Angeles. People rumor a lot regarding their relationship since they are back once again. The couple saw many ups and downs together int heir lifetime. But after so much of disappointment, they both were together once again.

Now Sel’s mother was not at all ready for them to be together because of their experience with Justin Bieber. She does not want Selena to get hurt from Justin once again. So she has asked her not to bring him to their home for any family function. But Selena could not live without him. No matter if she has not celebrated Christman with Justin Bieber, but she secretly went to Mexico to celebrate New Year eve with him. They both had many cutest moments with each other.

But now the recent news regarding their relationship says something different. They both are planning to get a short break from each other. The breakup rumors for the off-on lovers are on. It was just six to seven days ago that Selena Gomez had officially announced her relationship with Justin on her Instagram account. She made her ties as Insta-official.

Fans of Jelena were happy to see them back together, but many rumor made by people are trying to tear them apart. Recently, the couple was enjoying to spend the quality time with each other in Jamaica. They both were happy, but suddenly after that, they both had a small fight which caused them if they want to break up with each other. The unknown sourced said, “They have been in contact the entire time, and their feelings for each other have not changed.”

We know being in the relationship is not an easy task if our parents do not approve it. Selena’s mother is not happy with their relationship, and it’s just that she is not speaking out something publicly for both of them. And this is the reason why Selena is not able to focus on her relationship. Selena’s mother said that she was happy if Selena would be in connection with Weeknd. Selena is on track to mend her relations with her mother, and so she wants a break from her boyfriend, Justin.

Fans are distraught with the news, but still, there is no other option for Selena because she also loves her mother a lot. The couple had been in the on-off relationship with each other since 2010 when they first met. They live in but soon after some time reasons they broke with each other due to some reasons. The situation is not in their hands, but Selena asked Justin to maintain a time till she gets approval for it.

And now she is fed up with the conditions and so asking for a break from Justin. Yes, it is true that Jelena had again broken up with each other for some time. Selena wished Justin, Happy Birthday through her Instagram post. She wrote, “March 1, 1994, someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom.” Justin was born on this day. It was a special day for the sorry singer, and Selena surprised him on the day by sharing a post in which she officially confirmed her relationship with him. But again they both are apart from each other for a short break.


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