Is Selena Still In Love With Justin ‘With All Her Heart’? Check Out Here Is The Reality

The cutest on-off are thinking of having space from each other so that they can maintain good links in future. Selena and Justin first met each other in 2010, and since then the couple is being on-off due to prevailing situations around them. It does not mean that they are not in love instead of this they are trying to mend their relationship by giving some time so that the situations are right around them. Now the rumors regarding their break up are again on because Selena and Justin had not met each other since 28 Feb a day before Justin’s birthday.

No matter Selena has finally officially confirmed of her relationship with Justin by giving him a surprise for his birthday on 1 March. And suddenly after one week, they both rumored again regarding break up. But nobody knows the exact situations are prevailing. If the news is out, then there must be something which is keeping both of them away. The sources near to them are giving two reasons for their split the first one is their career issues. The sources said, “The couple is constant regarding their relationship. When they are together, it seems great, and when they are not they always miss each other, but the couple also wants their own lives.”

The sources also said, “Their careers are taking them separate ways, and the couple is having fights about their future. Their plans provide headaches. Instead of talking through their concerns Selena and Justin sometimes just get upset and avoid talking about the issue at all. They have to focus on what they want for their future because sometimes more than not they put it off.”

The career is one significant issue in their life but up on this one more problem that the couple is facing by being together is the open disapproval of Selena’s mother, Mandy Teefey for their relationship.

Well, now the news is out that Selena is still in love with Justin. One of the sources near t Selena told HollyWoodLife.com that “The couple is fully committed to getting back together again, but yet now Selena needs a little space on her own. Selena also wants to mend things out with her mom as she misses her and how their relationship was. Selena has not finished with Justin though, or even over him, and she still loves him with all her heart—she just needs a little ‘me’ time, to help get her head together. It has been pretty full on and intense between them recently, and Selena just wants to chill for a bit.”

It is true that the relation of Selena with Justin is more laborious than with her mother, Mandy. They are not greatest of terms. Mandy is giving her disapproval for Jelena’s relationship because of her experience with Justin. She thinks Justin has not changed and he can again do something terrible to Selena such that Selena would not retrieve from the situation after that. It is the reason that Mandy cannot trust him once again.

Moreover, the sources said, “Selena was recently seen in Texas, where her family lives, hinting that she’s working on mending things with Mandy.” In actual, we are not aware that what is happening in their life. They both are just taking a break from each other, and it is not a big deal. Selena needs time so that she can mend her relations with family and it is the duty of her and Justin is waiting for the right time. Soon when the conditions would be correct they both will come more close to each and it does not mean that their love has fainted.

Fans hope for the best for the couple and want to see them back together once again. The love between the couple will never end.


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