Find Out If Stormi Looks Similar To Her Mother, Kylie Or Her Father, Travis

So Kylie Jenner has finally given birth to the cute baby girl, Stormi. She was sharing her cute pictures but by hiding her face since 1st February. However, she was much happy to get this baby girl in her life because she was expecting her since last year and hiding herself from the media for a long time. Press and the people were excited about her arriving baby, so they were making their assumptions when Kylie was hiding herself behind the curtains. Well, many problems have arisen in the life of the fashionista before the birth of Stormi Webster as her relationship with Travis Scott was not so good at the end of December last year but with the arrival of the cute baby girl, Travis and Kylie come more close to each other.

Kylie Jenner is a proud mother, and she has finally shared the photo of her daughter’s face on the social media account, Instagram. The girl is cute and her mother, Kylie has shared a closeup pic of her face on 6 March once again. Her daughter has turned one month old now. The photo of Stormi is very precious for the whole family. In the image, Stormi was sleeping, and Kylie was putting her heart into the picture giving it a caption of “angel..” Every view of Stormi is fundamental and brings a bundle of joy to Kylie every second. From the very first photograph of holding the hands of Stormi to the face picture with big eyes, all were heart touching photos. The chubby cheeks and dark hair of Stormi are very endearing.

Not only Kylie Jenner, but also Stormi’s father Travis Scott is sharing the best photographs of the baby doll on his social media account. He is too happy with the arrival of her, and he is also getting adorable comments on his posts with her views. On the day Stormi took birth and stepped into the new world, Travis took the photograph of Stormi’s pink shirt and the word “Daddy” was written on its red heart. He captioned his post with the words, “My Lil mama one month today her favorite unit of course.”

It seems both the parents are much happy with the arrival of the cute baby. An insider shares his views saying, “Kylie’s first few days of motherhood have been the happiest of her life. Kylie feels like being a mom is her true calling, and there is nothing that has ever felt so right. Bringing the baby girl home has been the greatest joy and most sacred experience. Kylie is elated and overjoyed.”

Kylie also shared the post for which she got flowers from Travis Scott on a particular day. The day was the most special when she became a mother of the baby girl. It was the perfect day of her life she had ever seen. The insider continued saying that “Kylie felt so ready to meet the baby and had been counting down the weeks for what felt like forever, Kylie cannot believe she is finally here, and that too in her arms and this journey is beginning.”

The sources added, “Travis’ family is also very involved and thrilled for the couple. Kylie feels like everything is coming very naturally and that being a mom is what she has meant to do. She is loving every minute and cherishing these first few days. The feeling she is having, unlike anything she has experienced before. The family is closer than ever they were and just so thrilled to be growing at such a rapid pace.”


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