Female Actresses Who Dated The Men At Very Young Age

Age is just like a number of the celebrity couple. Some couples are seen in Hollywood having a very less difference of age, but some are seen having a significant difference in their generation. But the thing that most admires us is that there are some couples in the industry which have a vast difference in their age, but still, they are living a happy life together. And we want to say that we are not writing this only for enjoyment or any other kind of fun. In fact, we have many examples of such couples.


Many of us think that how two people who are not of the same age, not at the same level of life, be together? But trust me sometimes, despite all these facts or gap, some couples set the best example of the relationship. Sometimes, couple having a large gap in their ages, have a healthy relationship. However, not every couple have a strong relationship of long-lasting, some also have failed in their relationships. Here in this article, we have both types of the couples shown, having a strong relationship as well as poor one. So, let us read this out:

1. Crystal Harris

Crystal Haffner is an American model and television personality. And she was the third wife of Hugh Hefner. Hugh Hefner had proved that he was the real playboy when he started dating Crystal Haffner when she was 26 years old. Hugh proposed Crystal in 2010, and she accepted his proposal. But after few days she called it off. But then the couple accommodated, and they got married in 2012. And Crystal remained married to Hefner until 2017 when she was dead.

2. Mary-Kate Olsen

In 2015, Mary Kate had married Olivier Sarkozy who is 17 years older than her. After three years of dating, they got married. Marry Kate had always tried to keep her personal life privately that is, out of the spotlight. She had said in an interview that she is still trying to put her being out of the camera and manage it in her way. This couple appeared very less together, but whenever they are seen together, they are seen happy.

3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

In January of 2016, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a 30-year-old star has announced her engagement with Jason Statham, who is 50 years old star. It is some seven years that they are together. And the engaged couple had also welcomed their baby on Saturday, June 24. This is their first child.

4. Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole was an American model, actress. She had married J. Howard Moshell who was 63 years older than her. It is one of the strangest couples on the list.After their marriage, her husband died a year late in 1995. And also J.Howard had left nothing in his will for Anna after his marriage. And then Anna also died in 2007 due to her weight and addiction.

5. Katie Holmes

In 2005 Katie started dating Tom Crusie, who was 16 years older than her. And after a year, they got married. It was the first marriage for Holmes, but it was a third for Crusie. They were last seen together in Iceland on 16 June 2012. And in 2012 they quit or end their relationship.

6. Zoe Buckman

In 2007, Zoe Buckman had met first time David Schwimmer. They dated each other for a couple of years. And after dating, they got married. They have almost gap of 19 years in their age. They have a five-year-old daughter, Cleo.

7. Demi Lovato

She was in a relationship with the man, Wilmer Valderrama. They have a huge gap in age between them, that is, almost of 19 years. And in 2016, they had declared the breakup. And the reason that is put forward for their break up was the gap in their relationship.

8. Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen is the sister of Mary Kate. As Mary Kate was in a relationship with a guy who is 17 years older than her, Ashley can also do the same relationship like this. Ashley was in a relationship with Richard Sachs, one who is 17 years older than her. They dated each other for five years, but after that, they got separated.

9. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine is in a relationship with Michael Douglas since 1999. They have almost 25 years of age difference between them. But still, now they are together. It shows that how much healthy their relationship is. Such strong couples are seen decidedly less, but it seems very happy to see the such an extended togetherness of couple.

10. Megan Fox

Megan Fox had married Brian Austin Green in 2010. They also have a gap in their ages, that is, of 13 years. But despite the age difference, their relationship is very successful. They are still together after their marriage. Such couples have a powerful bond with proper understanding. And also they have an entirely healthy relationship.

11. Beyonce

The Queen of Pop had married the King of Hip-Hop, Jay-Z. They had got married in 2008. They had faced many threats to their relationship. But still, they are together. It took a lot for them to handle the situations. But despite all these, they are still together. They are a compelling couple on the list having a strong bond in their relationship.

12. Stacy Keibler

In 2011, Stacy Keibler started dating to George Clooney. There was almost a gap of 18 years in their age. They were together for about two years. But after two years, the couple got separated in 2013. Many think that the breakup was due to the significant difference in their age, but it might be some other reasons also.

13. Amber Tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn met David Cross in an airplane. They talked with each other throughout the journey. And due to talk, they got close to each other. They almost have the age difference of 19 years. In 2012, the couple got married.

So, it was all about some of the celebrities couple who have the vast difference in their age. Some couples have a healthy relationship, and some have a fragile relationship. It is seen that in some relations the age difference matters a lot. But in some cases, some couples do not care anything about their age difference, instead what matters for them is understanding which ultimately sometimes gets affected due to their age difference.


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