Fans Of Matthew Perry Must Know 10 Facts About Him

Matthew Perry is a very famous Canadian-American actor. He is very famous for his role as Chandler Bing on the NBC TV sitcom Friends. He had also done some films like Fools Rush in 1997, The Whole Nine Yards in 2000, and 17 Again in 2009. He has also given his voice as Benny in the video game Fallout.

Perry was the star of the ABC sitcom Mr.Sunshine, and this show ran from February to April in 2011. He was the co-writer, co-creator, and executive producer. Perry began highlighting as Ryan King in 2011. He was presented as Ryan King, a sportscaster, on the NBC Comic Drama Go On. But on May 10, 2013, the series was canceled. But Perry did not give up. And in 2015, he presented himself in CBS sitcom The Odd Couple. And the series also has renewed its second season on May 11, 2015, as well as its third season on May 16, 2016.


Matthew Perry has a great journey. But there are some unknown facts about Perry which are not so known by many of us. To know some interesting facts about him let us check out the complete article:

1. He opened up about his struggle with drugs and his time in rehab.

Matthew Perry is very sarcastic and entertaining person. And very few people know about the fact of Matthew that at one time he was actively addicted to alcohol and drugs. It is so strange to hear, but it is an entirely bitter truth. He also said that at one time he was so lonely that he had forgotten to shoot the three seasons of friends. He admitted that he was not able to stop himself and was strongly addicted towards alcohol.

Perry told people that when he was on ‘Friends’ from the age of 24 to 34, then he was in the white-hot flame of fame. And he was suffering from alcoholism, and he was so lonely at that time. Every outsider think that he might be happy, he is in fame, but nobody thinks that I was so lonely at that time.

2. His famous one-liner is “You have to stop the Q-Tip when there’s resistance..”

Recently Matthew Perry on Thursday sat down with Good Morning America has revealed one-liner from Friends. And there Joey says to Chandler that he should go to see Frankie, his family is going to him forever. Then Chandler responded with good humor and said that “Ok, you have to stop the Q tip when there is resistance.

And it is not only one but there are so many sarcastic Chandler Bing quotes that are difficult o pick any of them.

3. He had beaten up the Canadian Prime Minister.

Matthew Perry has once beaten up the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. This incident had happened when Perry was in 5th grade, and Trudeau was younger than him. They were schoolmates. He said that he is not proud that he had beaten up a Canadian Prime Minister. He had admitted this on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” episode on Wednesday. He said that it was terrible and he was at that time a stupid kid. He was trying to make fun and turn it into love play.

4. Joey owns a mighty amount of 114,260$ to Chandler.

There is something we do not know about Chandler like that how much he supports Joey financially. But one of the Friends fans had revealed out that Joey own 114,260 dollars to Chandler. Chandler has also paid for his acting, dance lessons, for his rent, headshots, and so on. And Chandler does not care too much about it.

5. His missing finger…

Matthew Perry had lost a part of his middle finger when he was of 3 years old. Accidentally, it was shut in a door when he was in Nursery. A very few people had noticed that fact. And some of us might have seen on screens, and some have not noticed.

6. He was a top-ranked tennis player.

Matthew Perry was a junior top-ranked tennis player when he was in Canada. He was raised in Ottawa, Ontario and there he became a top-ranked junior tennis player in Canada. However, when he moved to Los Angeles at the age of 15 to live with his father, he grew to be more interested in acting. He had ranked 17th nationally in the juniors category. But he accepted when he was offered a leading role on theTV series and started his career in the acting field. However, Perry likes and enjoys playing ice hockey and softball in his free time.

7. His finest movie.

The film detractor had appreciated a lot the performance of Perry in the movie ‘ The Ron Clark.’ They said that Matthew Perry had just fired up the role of Ron Clark in the film. They all were appreciating him a lot for this movie. And it was a great impact on his career. His role as Ron Clark was unbeatable and the way he had done his acting was outstanding.

8. The Chandler origin.

The name of Chandler was not used yet before in the industry, and now Matthew Perry is famous as the role of Chandler. He is a talented performer. Before Matthew Perry had entered in the industry the name, Chandler was not known. But Matthew performance is so impressive that all his co-directors are happy with him.

9. The audition secret.

It is shocking to say that Matthew had stolen the role of Chandler from his actor friends. He was not interested in the audition for Chandler as he was busy with his another show at that time. And he was with his friend where he realized that the character of Chandler was very similar to him. He started telling his friends that how they should to play the part. Instead, his friends would get the job; he got the job himself as Chandler.

10. When he declined a nomination.

The cast of Friends had done an agreement that no one would be nominated for the lead category.   And it was the decision of all of them. And when Matthew Perry was nominated for an Emmy, he declined that. He refused that nomination in a respectful manner.

So it was about Matthew Perry. Each fact is unknown for few people, and maybe some people know about that, but some might be not aware of that facts.



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