Everyone Must See These 27 Movies Before Graduation

It is the time of summer when seniors have to leave the school. And think about their coming future. It is the time of great confusion that what to do, where to go, which is the best college for them, and so on. The last year is going to end, and it is the time to go in the new session. Now every student of the high school at the end, of course, wants the better things to go. And it is also the time of remembering all the madness which would be done with friends, all those parties in school canteens, all night studies with friends, pulling in class, etc., are remembered at that short term of time. All the fun, joy is recognized with a little of sadness.

But before going to your new classes and getting a fresh start on the life, everyone has to must watch these movies which we have mentioned in this article. There is a little bit more time to celebrate your enjoyment with your friends, to make some memories with them. And of course, many ones love to watch the fun-loving movies, especially with their friends. And don’t worry here are 27 videos for you that you can watch before going to your new session. So, get excited because this is going to be a great adventure. So, let us check out the list of movies:


In the movie, Accepted, there is a senior, named, Bartleby Gaines, who fails in college but never failed in his believes. He had made-up a university in which he was accepted. He lied to his parents, but his plans had worked flawlessly. Not only him but many other students from the country had too applied to that university.

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is the story about a women’s college a capella group who fight against another team to win in nationals. In this movie, Anna Kendrick had given Barden Bellas the lead role. This movie will surely help you to bring the national leader from you.

She’s the Man

It is all about unkempt love, She’s The Man stars, Amanda Bynes, who is a soccer star but her team gets cut off from the school. Then she joins her brother school in which she has to [pretend herself a guy in front of everyone, even in front of her crush.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This movie is all about, Ferris Bueller, who is an expert in bunking the class. He takes a day off to go around Chicago and see the sights. It is one of the most praiseworthy high school movies.


In this, Sandy is a sweet girl from Australia and Danny, is the bad boy of the class, and they both fall in love in summer and have their vacation awesome. They come from two different worlds but remember each other ultimately. The movie is full of romance, epic cuts, and the best high school movies ever.


It is the scariest high school movie. In this, Winona Ryder is a favorite girl and is afraid of being famous. And she wants to get more experience. It is not to watch the movie at night, but if you want, then you must watch it with your friends.

Bring It On

There are two captains of different cheer teams, that are, Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle. They fight for a supposedly stolen routine. This is complete with high kicks.

10 Things I Hate About You
In this, Julia Stiles plays Kat, who is smart, intelligent. Kat does not like dating, and her father made a rule that his younger daughter can not start date until Kat does. The movie is full of fun.
Easy A
Olive[Emma] lies that she had lost her virginity and told the truth to only her best friend, Brandon. And everyone believes her story. This is full of fun, and all about girl power and this movie will surely let you laugh a lot.
16 Candles
This movie is about Samantha, who is going to turn 16. She has a high crush on Jake who doesn’t think of giving time to her. The ending can be easily predicted, but surely you all will love the movie.
This is a good comedian movie. Seth an Evan are two students who are not social loving but decide to throw a graduation party. However, they faced many challenges. Many obstacles are seen, but in the end, it looks the best.
Pretty in Pink
This story is focussed on Andie, not so much favorite girl who catches the eye of kid Blaine. They both have different social worlds, but still, they love the company. It is an excellent fun movie.
She’s All That
In this, Zack’s girlfriend does break up with him. And then his friends challenge him because he said them any girl in school could become his girlfriend. This is a 90’s classic movie.
Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion
Romy and Michele are best friends, and they decide to attend their school reunion. They both lie to each other about their careers. This is a movie that teaches us what not to be done at a school reunion.
 Never Been Kissed
Drew Barrymore is a young journalist who is never kissed. She had fallen for English teacher when she was given an assignment to research on teen culture and has to pretend to be a high school student.
Remember the Titans
It is a real story moving around football. This movie has a great inspirational story that leads to increasing the feeling of victory in a right way.
Mean Girls

This is the most iconic high school film ever. Cady Heron joins the favorite group ‘ The Plastics’ that consists of three craziest girls of the school.
The Breakfast Club
A group of high school students that have nothing in common. And the last scene of the movie is heartwarming. It has the hit song ( Don’t You Forget About Me).
Say Anything
John Cusack is holding a boombox to win the heart of a girl he loves. He is in love with her and wants to win her heart.
It took 12 years to make and consists of the journey of growing up of actor Ellar Coltrane. It is a right movie to watch before summer ends. And in the last scenes, Mason begins his college life.
Mona Lisa Smile
Julia Roberts comes to teach art history at Wellesley college and finds that her students are not interested in learning any new thing. Then she started to show them a world in a different way. It is a beautiful story about feminism.
Cher Horowitz, a high school girl, who convince her teachers to change her grades, and all things are done. Accordingly, she planed.
The Spectacular Now
In this, Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley fell madly in love with each other. They spend their most of the time together.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower

It’a story of 15 years old Charlie, who thinks that he is not so unusual. And his life changes when he meets Sam.
Freedom Writers

It is based on a true story. It shows that one person can, make a huge difference.
The Fault in Our Stars
In this, Ansel Elgort and Woodley fall in love who are two cancer patients. They celebrate they time together.
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
During the first summer vacation apart, four best friends move on to different cities. Anyone can fall in love with their close friendships in this movie.

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