Check Reality Behind Is Justin Bieber And Selena Having Issues With Each Other

The cutest on-off lovers in the Hollywood industry is parting from each other once again. The couple met each other in 2010, and since then Selena and Justin had been in an on-off relationship. In a year they both do a patch up and a break. Last time when they did spot up was in October 2017 when they both were spending time in Los Angeles at Selena’s home and the church and hockey match. They both had a good time with each other since then.

Selena promised not to break up with her love this time. She will move ahead with her relationship with full loyalty. Even she had tried to convince her mother for her relationship with Justin. Justin and Selena were trying to save their relationship, but Sel’s mother gives her disagreement for both of them because of Sel’s experience with Justin. She had asked Selena not to bring Justin home at any family function. Fed up Selena once asked her mother to stay away from her matter as Selena has grown up now. She is an independent girl to take her decisions.

But Mandy is not at all happy with Justin to be back in Sel’s life. She did each idea to keep them away from each other. Well, Selena is on track to mend her relations with her mother. She is trying to save her ties with Mandy no matter if she has to go away from Justin. She has finally called off for a break from her relationship.

It is so weird that just six days back on the 24th birthday of the Sorry singer, Selena made her relationship with Justin official on Instagram and now she has called for a break from it. Again there is the tag of on-off lovers on both of them. They both had asked for a break from each other to keep contact in future as Selena is busy in mending with her mother.

The sources said, “They were having a lot of little disagreements recently and one fight, in particular, blew up and caused them to decide to “break up,” however, they have been in contact the entire time, and their feelings for each other have not yet changed. They will get back together, and they are not over, but they both need some time away from each other.”

The talk about parting with each other came when the two singers didn’t meet each other for a week. It was like a misunderstanding between each other. Selena is staying current in the New York and has not reached Justin since 28 Feb. It was a day before Justin’s birthday.

The sources also confirmed that “They both have been expressing that they have felt pressured with a lot of discussions that have come with their public relationship, and have not been seeing eye to eye on things.” There are many issues in their relationship. The problems are not related to them but the conditions which have arisen after they didn’t meet.

Break-up does not mean breaking up for the whole life, but it means a short time space from each other to keep in contact in future. Things are not amazing between both of them. They need time to make their bond stronger than today it is. We all just hope that things get right as soon as possible so that there is no other condition to say them as on-off lovers. Only one fight between them has caused them to break up. Both have unfollowed each other from the social media and Mandy is criticising her daughter’s decision of being back in the relationship with the Canadian singer. Feelings between Selena and Justin have not yet changed but it’s a time to give a space to each other.


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