Check Out What Matt Leblanc Thinks For F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Reunion

Almost every TV star in their interview is asked about the friend’s reunion. And it is strange but true that answer from everyone was in a different style. They are considered to question that is doing friends gathering so important? The stars of friends do not want to do any reunion. They merely say no whenever they are asked about friend’s reunion.  And now Matt LeBlanc is asked the same question about the reunion.

Matt LeBlanc played Joey Tribbiani. When he was asked about friends reunion, he simply answered this question by saying that, ‘Old Friends? I Don’t think so’. He hurts many hearts by saying that he does not want any reunion of friends. He had taken it simply. He has broken thousands of hearts with his reducing words.

And this hurts if any star says no to their old friends. It leaves a wrong impression on anyone.While all might be upset and waiting for a friend’s reunion, one person who is not affected and doesn’t want to get a reunion is Matt LeBlance.

He said that it is insufficient time, between 20 and 30, that those characters live about. But after that life does not end. Instead, life has to start after that. In that finite period, friends are your family. They are so unique to us that we feel happy spending time with them. But after that time changes. And when that period is over, all that get overs. And it’s a new start of life.

And after that, a new life starts, and then to settle down, to make an image in society, to start a family, to make status, to get reputation becomes a significant motive of person. He also added that seeing the life of his today’s character would not make him as happy when he had seen it in 1994 and 2004.

Matt said that all of his friends are moved to different place from that period. And going back and memorizing all the moments will not give anything. He has said that all had gone their separate ways. He had also told that no one has such an interest to look at the earlier days and see what others are doing. He said that no one has such a time to look around and see what is happening in his surroundings. Everyone is busy in doing his or her work. All want to get functional status in the society, and nobody wants to go back and think about their past.

He has also told that no one wants to see an old Joey, who have a colonoscopy. He said that everyone wants to see what he is doing now. Everyone is happy with today,s Joey. After saying this, we realized that he has a point on this talk. But still not having a friend’s reunion is strange.

Matt has found fame as the show Joey Tribbiani. But according to him, everyone is now grown up too enough, and no one will want to go back and to think about their old days. He said that he knows that people want to see a reunion. But he will surely do not want to make the reunion.

Matt LeBlanc who presents BBC Two’s Top Gear had explained his view:

He had given an example that everyone likes the movie instead of reading out a complete book, but he thinks that the book is better than the movie. He said that everyone has his imagination and no one can change it. And everyone has his right to do what they think is better.

He admits that he is not only the member of the cast who has any hesitation to bring the show back. He thinks that it is better to leave it. He said that it is not the thoughts of only one person, but it is thoughts of everyone in today’s time. No can change his views on the reunion. No one can make him think of doing the reunion with old friends.

But Lisa Kudrow might be able to change the thinking of Matt. Lisa Kudrow can convince him that doing the reunion is a good idea. Lisa can help him to think about the old days and be realizing that what is missing in his life. There is nothing terrible in the reunion. In fact, it makes everyone to feel happy about life and also helps in leaving the problems of life for some time.

The actress, who played Phoebe Buffay, was not sure but she had said that doing a reunion with the friends is the happiest thing about. Recently, she had been told that something has to be done of friends reunion.

But Matt had said that fans, would not want to grab up with the cast. He had been told that he does not think that characters are so interested anymore. He believes that it would be better to leave this topic. And he wants everyone including his fans to take a move on this topic.

He continued by saying that he admits that people like the reunion and he understands that but that show has the characters of the finite period, that is, between 20 and 30. And now seeing the characters that what they are doing now, where they all are, is just like impossible. But everything is possible. It is not as such as like impossible. And if one would like to do the reunion, it is a beautiful idea.

Matt also gets disagreed with those people who take pot shots at friends. He said that where we all are today is just because of our hard work. And no one is waiting for anyone at one place. Everyone has moved on in their life. No one is standing at only one position. There is nothing like the happiness of making a reunion with friends, according to him. He also said that everyone has their problems and we all are busy in solving them.

Friends are for testing the bond with distance, with time. Meeting the old characters make the heart happy, and all will help in getting close to friends. There is nothing like no one has such a time to meet their friends. In fact, it is all about to take a start and see what will happen next. And I am sure the reunion of friends will make the bond stronger.




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