Check Out What If The Episodes Of Two Shows, “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” And “How I Met Your Mother” Would Cross Over each Other

If the Episodes of the two famous shows, “Friends and How I Met Your Mother” would cross over each other then the characters chandler and joey would try their hard to convince Gunther that Barneys’ real name was “Swarley.”

1. There would be some point; Ted would 100% end up with dating Janice in the show.

2. The characters Ted and Ross would drown their sorrows together at MacLaren’s Pub because they would discuss their failed relationships with each other.

3. Monica would go on the hunt for the Cockamouse and even pray that it did not make entry into her apartment.

4. Lily and Rachel would be the two characters who always be gossiping about everyone other’s relationships.

5. Joey would go on a crazy night out with Barney during which they would perform their plays from “The Playbook” like the plays, “The Don’t Drink That,” and “The Ted Mosby.”

6. There would need to convince Gunther for that Barney’s name was actually “Swarley.” Anf for this, Chandler and Joey would join Ted and Marshall to convince him.

7. Monica would be superb for making slap belts with everyone. And she would end up in long-standing one with Barney over his job.

8. When Ross would be started dating Elizabeth, then Barney would request “the highest of fives.”

9. Marshall and Phoebe Buffay would sing collectively a wonderful rendition of “I’m Gonna Be” for 500 miles on a trip of a significant road to Lick the Liberty Bell.

10. Lily would spread the rumors that Joey and Phoebe are dating each other because Lily would see Phoebe Buffay’s twin, Ursula with Joey on a date. So she would think that it’s Phoebe Buffay only with Joey on a date.

11. Ross would become obsessed after seeing pineapple and feels that where the pineapple came from.

12. Marshall would ask Ross If the Loch Ness Monster was real. He would ask this after Ross talked about being a paleontologist.

13. Victoria decided to sell her cupcakes in Central Park and about this, she would ask Gunther.

14. Chandler and Joey would discover about that porn star. They both found that the porn star was using Ted’s name when they all accidentally got free porn on their TV.

15. Every one of them would go to see The Wedding Bride much to Ted’s dismay.

16. Phoebe would think that she is the perfect back up singer for the reunion tour of Robin Sparkles. And for this, she would go hard for trying to convince Robin.

17. Some of them from the group like Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Marshall, Lily, these four guys would secretly try to elope just only to discover that would be drunk Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Barney, and Robin had the same idea while they all were in Vegas.

18. There would be competition between Barney and Joey to see who could first complete the “Perfect week.”

19. There would be an Episode named “The One With The Flashbacks. And in the episode, it is revealed that Rachel and Barney once hooked up at some party. It’s the scene of five years ago.

20. Rachel Green would get seduced by “Naked Man” move of Mitch after she broke up with Ross Geller.

21. There would be a scene where Barney would create the fake website which named “Ross-said-Rachel.com.”

22. It would get revealed at the thanksgiving that once Ross got high in the college but still, Marshall and Robin smoke occasionally.

23. Lily would try to keep a secret about Rachel at the wedding of Chandler and Monica. The secret is that Rachel Green is pregnant at the time of their marriage.

24. For the Halloween party, Ted and ross both would convince every member of the party to dress up as the characters of “star wars.”

25. Phoebe Buffay would scare kindergarten class of Lily while she is singing about their parents dying and by saying about what happens to cows before they eat them.

26. Monica Geller would become “the blitz” after Thanksgiving while she gets stuck in the kitchen for cleaning up.

27. if any time some said “major” and “general” then Phoebe would join Robin and ted in saluting them.

28. Ted gave his best speech at Punchy’s wedding just to make Chandler cry there.

29. Ther is trivia game in which Marshall and ross would come up for pitting Rachel, Monica, lily, and Robin against Joey, Chandler, and barney.

30. The relationship drama between Robin and Ted would hold by Ross and Rachel.

31. At last, they thought that they would stop only at two subway points and they would hang out all the way.



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