Check Out The Obstacles Which Stops The On-Off Going Relationship Of Jelena

We form the relationship with the person whom we think is of our interest. But finding a perfect matchmaker for us is not an easy task. What if we fall in love with the person who we think can be or not be our life partner in future?

Let us take an example of our on-off lovers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. They both love each other and suddenly patch up and on the other hand, they suddenly part from each other. The reason for being on-off can be the only be conditions regarding their matters and their career. Recently according to the news, on 1st March, the day “Sorry” singer was born Selena has given official confirmation of their relationship through her Instagram post. She was thrilled on that day, but after that, she didn’t meet Justin since 11 days. And now the things seem to be a bit unbalanced between them.

According to the sources the couple has many issues regarding their relationship, and this may be the reason for their break up. A source of  EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com that “The couple is in a constant state of flux when it comes to their relationship. When they are together, it starts out great, and when they are not they always miss each other, but the couple also wants their own lives.”

Sources also added, “Its a bit of a cake and eat it to the situation. They can not put it all together. They will continue to break-up and make-up because they are together because they do not feel anyone else understands them. So it is a constant cycle.”

One big problem which is coming in from the relationship between the two lovers can be their future career and their family matters. They both are busy with their work for doing their jobs. But if we are here to talk about the family matters, then we will find Justin’s mother had given a significant approval for their relationship in 2017, and she has also said that a girl like Wolves singer better suits as a matchmaker for her son. She will be happy to see them together in future.

Now it is up to the couple that how they will mend their relationship with each other. But the ongoing problem in the relationship of the couple is the disapproval of Selena’s mother, Mandy Teefey for her relationship with Justin Bieber. She is not a big fan of the relationship of her daughter with the “Sorry” Singer because of her experience with him. She had even asked Selena not to bring Justin back to their home for any of her family functions. It was the reason that they both had not celebrated Christmas together.

A source near to EXCLUSIVELY told HollyWoodLife.com that “Mandy Teefey is doing it all because of what Justin did in their first experience around. That will always be there, but Mandy has also seen some change in Justin and hopes that will continue. Mandy is letting go of the leash a little bit but still has a doubt grip if Justin goes back to his old ways. Mandy is still in the mix because she wants the best for her daughter.”

Other sources added, “Their careers are taking them separate ways, and the couple is having fights about their future. Whether they will get married, have kids, live together. Normal relationship questions that the couple has different ideas on day by day. Their plans provide headaches. Instead of talking through their concerns Selena and Justin sometimes just get upset and avoid talking about the issue at all. They have to focus on what they want for their future because sometimes more than not they put it off.”

A source from EXCLUSIVELY said, “They do not believe that they need couples therapy and they can get through any differences through their faith and by attending church.” The sources also said, “Jelena is focused on putting the decision in God’s hands. They both consider couple’s therapy a defeat and if it were to ever get to that point that their relationship wouldn’t be worth saving if they couldn’t save it beforehand.”

Hope to see best to occur in the future.


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