Check Out The List Of Five Friends Episodes With Their Alternate Titles

In our daily life, we keep on searching for many new things and some people research for the best things they like. We don’t know what makes us do that, but we keep on doing so till we get know almost everything about it. Now you all might be thinking of some scientific research that I might be talking about but let me tell you all that again we are here to talk about our favorite television whom we search daily on the internet, and it has become a part of our life.

Searching new secrets or new things about the series is the regular work stuff counted these days. If we find someone knowing about it, we say that it is a standard thing.

It started like any other day begins for me — doing a deep dive on Friends on the internet. Normal work stuff.

And guys it is evident that if we know about the series, then we get something unusual to see about it. And again yes it is a fact that there is something unique about it. We have got a result regarding the two different titles for the same episodes. It was shocking, but then the internet is there to help us in this matter.

Here we have listed such episodes which have two different titles. Have a look.

1. The talk about the very first episode of the season 1 “The Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1). The episode also named as “The One Where It All Began” AND “The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate.”

Is not it shocking? The same episode has three different names. No matter we have listened the titled as “The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate” but not as “The One Where It All Began.”

FWIW, the Netflix title in both UK and US is “The One Where Monica Gets A Roommate”:

Now it might be your choice what do you want to name the episode. Rest of the research is up to you.

2. “The One Hundredth” (Season 5, Episode 3). The episode where Phoebe gives birth to Frank Jr. Jr.’s triplets — and apparently, it is also known as “The One With the Triplets.”

And fans are mad after watching the episode “The One With The Triplets.”

But the episode has two names, and now it is to you whatever you like and whatever you want to choose as the best name for it.

3. “The One With Unagi” (Season 6, Episode 17). The episode where Ross teaches Rachel and Phoebe about UNAGI and Chandler gives Monica a mixtape for Valentine’s Day — it’s also known as “The One With The Mix Tape.”

The season 6, episode number 17 has two different names listed as “The One With Unagi” and “The One With The Mix Tape.” The episode is all about when Phoebe and Chandler gives a mixtape to Monica on the Valentines Day. 

4. “The One With Ross’s Step Forward” (Season 8, Episode 11). The episode where Mona wants things to progress quickly with Ross. It’s also known as “The One With The Creepy Holiday Card.”

The episode number 11 of season 8 has two names as “The One With Ross’s Step Forward” and “The One With The Creepy Holiday Card.” And in the episode, Mona wants to make good with Ross.

On Netflix, the episode is called “The One With The Creepy Holiday Card.” But IMDB says that the name of the episode is “The One With Ross’s Step Forward.”

5. “The One In Massapequa” (Season 8, Episode 18). The episode is the one in which Phoebe has an annoying boyfriend, Parker (the part played by Alec Baldwin) and apparently it is also called “The One With The Zesty Guy.”

And now the title sounds better as “The One With The Zesty Guy.”


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