Check out The Amazing Facts About The Action-Star, Jason Statham

Many stars flourish in the limelight whom we respect a lot. Most of the stars hide their life stories behind their cherished face. But as their wish or not, we get to know about their past and their struggles in the life to reach this incredible level.

The actor, Jason Statham is one of the actors who is known for being an action-star. All the fight scenes and actions from all his movie will make you the great fan of him. He has done excellent work. As his life is appearing more natural to us but it was not actually. He has struggled a lot.

He has done everything to become a real action hero. Here are the various facts about him which shows you the struggles of his life.


1. “He began his career working as a street seller.”

In London, he used to be a street seller with his father. It was the beginning of his career.


2. “Jason worked as a model before getting into acting.”

The actor hates his smile. That’s the reason; Guy Richie picked him for the role because he looks sturdy enough.


3. “His street seller skills helped him in getting an audition for his first role.”

It was his first audition when he was a street seller. He gave his first audition at that time. Ers has noticed his acting potential.


4. “Jason was also thrown out of playboy mansion for not posing with girls.”

The girls who were only wearing a bathrobe, he did not like to pose with them in any condition. This was the reason, Hugh Hefner threw him out for the role from the playboy mansion.


5. “Jason was an international diver as well.”

The actor, Jason Statham is also a skilled athlete with the perfect acting abilities.


6. “Jason does most of his stunts by himself.”

Nobody teaches him about the stunts. He performs all his stunts of his own. That’s why we all love him, and his action senses a lot. He does the amazing stunts in all his movies.


7. “He has failed his driving test many times.”

Everybody wants to be a good driver. There is not even a single guy who does not want to be a good driver. But Jason Statham failed in his driving test. No doubt he is a very talented actor, but he failed in his driving test.


8. “He also worked in a Kit-kat advertisement.”

The actor has also featured in the ad-commercials. He has starred in the kit-Kat commercial. But it’s not enough for him. He has also done many other acts.


9. “He even got arrested for driving a golf cart after a party in 2010.”

With the practice, he has become an excellent driver. Once, he was also caught while driving a golf cart with Kristin Cavallari at Coachella after a party in 2010.


10. “He performed that helicopter stunt in the crank.”

Throughout his life, he has done many daring stunts, and this is one of them. He was hanging in the air 2000 feet above from the ground. That’s how he rocks on in his movies. For such stunts, we all love his action sense.


11. “The scene from The Expendables was almost his last.”

The engine was leaking during the shooting of this scene. But he was so lucky that he has managed the whole shoot, and the outcome was all safe and secure. This shows that he is outstanding enough to perform any such stunt.


12. “Statham had to train himself so hard for his role in Death Race.”

He has performed extraordinarily in the movie, death race. For his extraordinary role, he has to go through a lot of exercise and dieting. And he has also worked very hard.


13. “He is expert in chess.”

Hats Off to Jason Statham. Along with his action-sense, he is good enough in other activities also. He is also a good chess player.


14. “Jason Statham is also a very talented soccer player.”

He is also a very good soccer player and also the member of the Hollywood United FC.



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