Check Out Some Small Details About The Famous Sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

We love being entertained by the other people. When someone delights us, we feel that we are the happiest person in the world. And so does our Hollywood industry. Hollywood industry has changed our society and our mind of being entertained. Let us take an example of the Hollywood’s best television show, Friends. “Friends” is the best show watched on the television.

“Friends” was first aired in 1994 and lasted for ten years till 2004. The show was the best which grace our TV screens. A single person when starts watching it, he/she views it for millions of times. The show series is an American show created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. There are six casting members of the series as Rachel Green, Ross Geller, Monica Geller, Chandler Bing, Phoebe Buffay, and Joey Tribbiani.

Some people have watched the show many times, but still, they would have missed many precious things. They would have never noticed them, and so we want to take them back to the series once again so that they could remind them forever in their life and would remember them when they will watch it the next time. Here are little details about the show. But here is the one biggest which I have spotted.

Here is the talk about the season 4 and the episode “The One With the Wedding Dresses.” You must have remembered the scene. Here is an iconic image of the event. 

In the episode, Monica tries on Emily’s wedding dress, and she does not want to take it off ever. And then Monica manages to rope Phoebe and Jennifer in the game, and they three ends up chilling out in the wedding dresses.

And suddenly after some time, there was a knock at the door. After listening to the beat, girls got panicked because it was their time of chilling and moreover, they three were in the wedding dresses. Monica panicked the most when she thought there might be Chandler standing next to the door. Three of them shouts, “Oh God, that is Chandler outside.”

Rachel stood up to open the door, but Phoebe and Monica do not want her to do so because Monica did not wish to Chandler to look at her in such dress and it was the time when Phoebe hits us with THIS. Phoebe speaks out to say that “Yeah, the groom cannot see the bride.” Monica and Phoebe do not want Chandler to see Monica before marriage date like this in the gown.

Monica did not want because she is not married to Chandler and if he will see her in such gown then what would he think of her. Monica is happy with the love of her life.

When the girls found that the man standing next to the door is Chandler, then Monica panicked the most. She teases us more than anyone else with her actions. In her situation, Monica said, “That’s Chandler! He is gonna come by and borrow some candles for his big date.”

Let us remember the most romantic scenes between Monica and Chandler when they both were engaged to each other. The time when the couple was enjoying, and there was no light except the light the fire view of candles all around.

It was a time for the significant date, and teh couple enjoys it after Monica got panicked to see him next to the door and she was wearing the wedding gown.


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