Check Out Some Rarely Known Facts About The Korean Series, Descendants Of The Sun.

Descendants of the Sun is South Korean television series which aired from 24 Feb 2016 to 22 April 2016. The series ran for one season with it’s sixteen normal and three individual episodes. The running time of the incident was 60 minutes. The unique three events consist of the highlights of the series and the best scenes from it. If someone watches it once, then it is hard for him to leave it waiting. They will not even miss a single second of it. The stars of the show are Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-Kyo, Jin Goo, and Kim Ji-won.

The show was the big hit of 2016 with 30 percent of viewership rating in Korea. It gave a great opportunity to the actor Song Joong-Ki for making a comeback on the television after completing South Korea’s mandatory 21-month military service. Viewers would be familiar with each of the episodes of the series, but through this article, we are trying to make them more familiar with the series with some of its secrets.

The 2015 MERS-CoV outbreak in South Korea massively delayed the show’s filming schedule.

Song Joong-Ki had to suffer from many injuries while they were filming for the show and this was delaying the schedule of the shoot. It was the toughest obstacle shows maker had to face.

Another obstacle was of MERS-CoV outbreak in South Korea which resulted in 33 deaths and a lot of destruction and hence the show was put on hold for at least one month.

“Descendants of the Sun” was not originally written as a love story between a soldier and a doctor.

The story of the show was initially of the male emergency responder who dedicates his full life to the humanitarian work. But later Kim Eun Sook rewrote the whole story, and hence it leads to the change in male lead characters which added more romance to the storyline.

South Korean brands featured on the show experienced a high profit and many sales of the products.

Yes. It is true that many Korean Cosmetic Brands featured on the show had a high benefit and much auction. The sale of Hyundai’s Tucson rose by 10 percent in the local market. Laneige Two-Tone Lip Bar had turned into the best selling product in March.

China’s Ministry of Public Security issued a warning about the series.

If we want to list a country with the maximum number of viewers of the show, then the first name comes from the land China. A short of a woman obsessed with the actor, Song Joong-ki, and her husband is jealous of the actor to the extent that he eventually rushes into a photography studio to have the same look as that of Song.

To learn complicated medical terms, Song Hye-Kyo got coached by real-life doctors.

In an interview, actress,  Kang Mo-Yeon recalled some of the moments by saying, “There were a lot of professional words, and I didn’t know them. But the doctors instructed me a lot.”

It is the first KBS drama to complete filming before its airing.

Series need regulating while premiering in another country. DOT adopted a unique way to reduce the time of waiting. They passed “early filming” and wrapped up way.

Song Joong-ki has to improvise some of his English lines.

The drama consisted of many English lines so that almost everyone can get it. The shooting of the series became a real challenge of the show who was one among non-native English speakers.

Song Joong-Ki quoted in an interview, “There were some English conversations that I didn’t speak fluently, so I had to improvise.”

Onew supposed to appear in the pilot episode.

Onew said, “There were many scenes which were edited. During the first episode, I was anticipating the scene where I would appear, but it did not come, and I was sad. Before the episode was even finished, Song Joong-ki called, ‘It happened to me, too. Lessen the burden on your mind a little and let’s relax and watch it pleasantly as viewers. From now on, it will get better.”


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