Brother Sister Locked Themselves For 4 Years In Haridwar , Because They Hate Studying !!

As in our childhood days we all must have avoided these boring material by pretending to be sick or play time . Whatever may be the reason we always use to avoid These boring studies .

But Could you believe locking up yourself and confining yourself from the world for not one or two day but for years ? All just for avoiding study . Recently a brother sister duo , confined themselves for 4 years just for avoiding studies .

Its Shocking to hear that , a teenage brother-sister duo in Haridwar had locked themselves up for four years to avoid studying !!

Yes you are right and have read correctly they both confined themselves up in a room for four years.[ecp code=”3″]

It was his sister who locked up first because her parents scolded her for getting bad grades in 10 class Board Exams. since then from 2013 , she confined herself to a small room for 4 years and since then she didn’t even went to school.Getting Inspired from his sister , the brother too locked him up in the same room quitting studies and school in 2016.

The incident came to notice after the neighbors complained to police about not having seen the kids since a long time. According to a report in Times Of India ,  Here is what the police said.

“We received information from a neighbour that two kids were forcefully confined in a room by their parents in their area. A team was sent to rescue them but the reality was quite different. It turned out that the brother and sister had locked themselves up. We have warned them that they would be sent to reform homes if they lock themselves up again.”

What Was More Shocking Was The Reason That This 18 Years Old Teenager Has Given to The Police !!

“During questioning, the girl, who appeared like she had not bathed for days, or even months, said that she was fed up of her parents constantly nagging her to carry on with her schooling so she locked herself up in her room.”

On further investigation , they found out that the teenage use to communicate with her parents only through hand written notes and through mobile phones.

However surprisingly enough, both the brother-sister duo would open the door whenever they would feel hungry and ask for food.

The police is now trying to provide counselling to the children and their parents so that they can have a different mindset towards studies .

Well we hope that a little amount of counselling can have a better impact on both the generation and would be able to understand each other.

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