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Dakota Johnson is the famous actress who was starring in the all three movies of Fifty Shades Franchise. She has hit the theaters. We bet that she would be unhappy that the Fifty Shades Franchise has completed and she appeared in its last part now.

Dakota Johnson has played the character of Anastasia. In the last part of this franchise, the actors have finally have taken a break from their ‘Red Room’ and have gotten married. The actress, Dakota Johnson give birth to a baby boy and also gets ready to carry their second baby.

The director, James Foley has put plenty of their intimacy scenes in the movie for your enjoyment. The movie franchise finally gets completed with its three parts and finally, they get married and settles their family further.

Somehow it was difficult also to shoot some of the scenes in the movie, but still, they tried their best and had rocked in theatres.

Dakota Johnson has an interview with Marie Claire in which she revealed her experience for the shooting of such movie and she has explained many behind the scenes. Just have a look at them!


The Trilogy Fifty Shades Of Grey has finally come to an end with Fifty Shades Freed.

When the movies get a release, the fans not only want to watch the movie but also want to watch the scenes behind the movies on their sets such moments and situations.


Something similar happened when Jamie Dornan was on a promotional tour for the film.

Janie Dornan is the actor who has played the lead role of Christen Grey in the trilogy.


If Jamie Dornan can, then why not Dakota Johnson?

Dakota Johnson has shared her feelings for shooting the steamy scenes on the sets in the recent interview with Marie-Claire.com. She has shared her side of experience for shooting such scenes.


Another interesting fact is that…

There were also intimacy advisors on the set. These advisors know that how the things look more appealing and steamy on the screen. The whole team of the advisors also included the experts who knew very well that how to use specific tools and toys behind the scenes.

Dakota Johnson has said that “Jamie mostly had an advisor who was on the set with them for the first film, not so much for the second.”


That’s nicely done

The movie finally completed and it’s nicely done. I hope there would be some storytelling advisors for this film. Anyways, it’s done beautifully and let’s move ahead.


So, how did the actors prepare for such scenes?

The actress, Dakota Johnson has revealed that she felt awkward while filming some of the scenes in the movie.

She also added that “If something is very, very difficult, it’s sometimes necessary to have a shot of something strong of beforehand.”


One needs to step out of its comfort zone for such films.

It’s right that one should have to come out of his or her comfort zone for such films. A good actor is only one who does not bring his or her bad expressions on their face.


So which scene was the hardest to shoot in the entire trilogy?

Dakota Johnson has shared that the hardest scene which was difficult to shoot was one that is in the red room of the first part of the trilogy.

She said that “I didn’t realize that no matter how prepared or rehearsed I was when your senses are taken away like that, you can’t control the way your nervous system will react.”



Finally, she is happy with her part in Fifty Shades Franchise.


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