5 Questions That Were Left Unanswered In The Movie “Gone Girl”

Gone Girl is an American film based on a novel “Gone Girl.” It is directed by David Fincher and written by Gillian Flynn. The film got officially released on September 26, 2014, at 52nd New York Film Festival. It was the highest grossing film with the box office collection $369 million. The story begins when Nick Dunne returns home and there he finds his wife, Amy missing from home and this news gathered a lot of media coverage. The detective Rhonda Boney investigates her disappearance and finds some hidden evidence.

When police walk through the whole case, they find some evidence cleaned blood stains which concludes Amy’s murder. But she returned home after her rape and a fight between her and the criminal.

This film is full of mysteries. Many people have seen this movie, and this mysterious movie has risen many questions in our mind. Every person has made his/her judgment after watching this one. The girl Amy was an inspiration for many children and her books were sold worldwide so that it can help them grow.

Here are some questions that arise in the person while watching this film.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym3LB0lOJ0o]

We know the film has brought up much enjoyment in one person. There was no neatness in it while the running time of the full movie is two and half hours. A criminal can bind everything in this much time, but the thing is they couldn’t do at this time.

What about Amy’s head wound?

The cops in the movie start collecting evidence for Amy after her disappearance along with a detective Rhonda Boney, and they get some unclear and unconcluded evidence about Amy. When after some time police detected some blood spots of Amy in the kitchen through forensic analysis. They said, Amy’s head had got hit hard with the wooden club, and it would not have got wound soon. But when Amy returns home doctors examined her and discovered that she had been raped and her head was excellent. How can this happen? Is doctor lying about her condition? Because how Amy can wound up her injury in less time?

What did the cops find when they retrieved the CCTV tapes from Desi’s house?

Desi is a rich boy who has long harbored a crush on Amy. Amy also said that Desi kidnapped her because he had a crush on her. And they were found under CCTV camera that one day Amy was in pain because of Desi. But what about the other days CCTV footage when Desi used to go out for his work? Shots of arriving willingly at the house. And the time Amy didn’t apply to escape from him. Everything is still unclear.

What happened to the red panties the cops found in Nick’s office?

The red underwear found at Nick’s office, and it went for further analysis. But the mystery of this underwear was never solved an even talked about it again in the movie. It would also prove that if that is Nick’s mistress, then cops may discover that Nick would have harmed his wife because he had some extramarital affair. But the police just went away ignoring this.

Why didn’t Amy’s friends at the Ozarks motel recognize her?

Friends of Amy watched the CCTV footage of disappearance of Amy. They all have spent much time together while some get together. But when Amy had cut her hair to some shorter length and had put some sunglasses then her friends were not able to recognize her at Ozarks motel. The case also seems something weird.

How did Amy get pregnant?

Nick claimed that his sample sperm had been destroyed from the clinic, but then Amy puts forward her point saying that wasn’t the case. She said she was able to steal the sperm from the clinic. One had ever thought of that how Amy was able to take it and which doctor performed the task for her. And how she could be sure that she is pregnant with five to twenty percent of chances in the case?



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