15 Weird Mistakes, Unnoticed in Harry Potter by Fans

The Eight series of Harry Potter franchise are the most popular films for children as well as for adults. Often there are the shocking mistakes done during production of all the series of Harry Potter franchise. Some are even shown up on the screen, that’s all the shocking ones.

There is not even the single series of Harry Potter franchise which had not made any mistake. There are more or fewer mistakes in every part of the Harry Potter.

The movies, “Harry Potter” and “Sorcerer’s Stone” both were premiered in the year 2001. And there had been shown the practical computer effects in these movies, which means that there were shown some of the computer effects even in the early stages.

Due to these practical effects, the mistakes like the random movement of objects, an inconsistency of props, changes in attire, and even more the variations in the makeup, etc.

You would be shocked when get to know that there is the list of 15 mistakes made in the production of harry potter series, which were shown up on the screen but we people have not even noticed them.


1. “Ron’s Trunk Changes Completely”

It is the mistake of the lines on the trunk in the fourth part “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” of the Harry Potter franchise. When Harry and Ron went to the platform to get the Hogwarts train, there both had to cross the magical wall, and they both fell alongside with their trunk while crossing the wall. After that, the design of Ron’s trunk was changed entirely. Before they fell, there were three copper color lines on the gray trunk, but after they fell, there were only two copper colored lines on his trunk.


2. “Two Shirts, One Scene”

There is the mistake of t-shirts that Harry has worn in the series “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.” In the scene, Harry has worn two different t-shirts. When he was sleeping, he wore light blue crew t-shirt, and when he suddenly woke up, he wore Henley tee and a dark blue t-shirt. There is so much difference in the t-shirts he wore in the same scene.

This mistake would happen at the time of producing the same scene at the different times. Due to sweating or if something went wrong with their clothes, then the actors may change their clothes. So to avoid these type of mistakes, the production team should have two sets of same cloths.


3. “Visible Battery Power Packs”

The shooting of the scenes which takes place in the exterior required the battery power packs for microphones, cameras, light, and props, etc. These battery power packs serve as the great tool for the actors and the production team to mobile for the long distances while shooting in the exterior.

It’s all okay, but these power packs should not be visible up on the screen of the movie. The mistake which is done in The Prisoner of Azkaban in the Harry Potter franchise. All the power packs worn by the actors are visible on the screen.


4. “Hairline Revealed”

In the Sorcerer’s Stone, part of the Harry Potter franchise, the mistake was made of the purple turban which would not have covered all the hair of Lan Hart. Even he does not have much hair on his head. He has worn this purple turban to show up the bald character. But Unfortunately, the turban didn’t cover up his all hair.

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