12 Things About Charlie Puth That Would Not Know To You

We come across new people in everyday life. More the new things more to discover them for the goodwill of people. Some people leave a memory in our heart for the full experience. Charlie Puth is also one of them. One of his albums got certified gold, and hence Charlie Puth is rising to a severe stardom day by day. Everyone fell in love with this new artist who leaves a sweet memory with each of his new songs. Among the newcomers, he is rising to the high level very frequently. We have gathered 12 new things about the singer which you should always know.

1. It all started on YouTube.

Charlie started his career with music in 2009 through his own YouTube channel where he gained a lot of popularity as he posted many funny videos and much acoustic song covers.

2. He’s a Jersey boy.

Charlie Puth is from Rumson, New Jersey. He has his own house in the Hollywood Hills. But he makes several visits to his hometown to enjoy the quality time with his family to the Garden State. Charlie loves being with his family, and it is the best place for him to live.

3. He graduated from Berkley School of Music, and he has a degree in music production and engineering.

Puth took music education from the Manhattan School of Music Pre-College. Here in the school, Charlie got educated in jazz piano and classical piano. Whenever he sings a song, Charlie puts the excellent use of his piano skills into his concerts and the fans get to listen to the perfect piano tune along with his songs. Along with this, Charlie has an excellent pitch through which he can identify and re-create any note that he hears. The skill of recreation is found only in one among ten thousand people.

4. Ellen gave him his first record deal along with his friend, Emily Luther.

In 2011, Ellen DeGeneres invited Charlie and his friend, Emily Luther to her show when she discovered a cover song performed by them. Ellen DeGeneres announced that she is doing a signature on the label of the song sung by them.

5. He and Meghan Trainor kissed of the year.

In the last year American Music Awards, Charlie and Meghan had a kiss of 15 seconds on the stage, and the kiss was something which can put Madonna/Britney kiss to shame.

6. He has a laid-back style.

Charlie has a simple style of wearing an outfit. He wears a vintage t-shirt, straight leg jeans, and a pair of cute sneakers. He is a simple, sober person.

7. Charlie recorded his latest album, Nine Track Mind, and that too in his bedroom.

Charlie can himself design a fancy recording on his mac book that too while sitting in his bedroom. If he would tell a girl that he has a magic in his room, then it would not be wrong because his music is magic. He doesn’t need any recording studio for the fantastic music.

8. Funny is his middle name.

It is not such, but many people say this is the truth.

9. He’s currently single, (but he and Selena Gomez would undoubtedly make an adorable couple).

Yes, it is right that Charlie loves making duet songs and so he asked Selena Gomez with the help of his best buddy if she will work with him or not and now rest is the history that you know.

10. He grew up with an incredible taste in music.

Charlie gives the credits to his parents for the songs which he sings. His taste in music is incredibly excellent. Charlie admires James Taylor, Marvin Gaye, and Bruce Springsteen as his ideas for his career.

11. You’ve probably heard songs he has written or produced, without even realizing it.

Charlie is also a well-respected songwriter and the producer along with being a singer. He admires the ideas of Trey Songz, Jason Derulo, Lil Wayne, and even music legend, Stevie Wonder for such things.

12. Stop asking if his eyebrow is a fashion statement.

Charlie’s most appealing feature on his face is his eyebrows. His eyebrows are not the tribute to Vanilla Ice. A dog attacked him when he was two years old, and he had got 400 stitches and marks can be seen today.


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